How Heavy is concrete?
A Standard 1.5” thick countertop weighs approximately as much as granite, and can be supported by standard cabinetry.

Will concrete crack?
It is possible that small hairline cracks may occur over time, but this doesn’t effect the structural integrity. Although we feel this adds the patina of age to the piece, it can be patched if you prefer.

Can you duplicate it?
Because our work is handcrafted, each creation will vary slightly in color and texture. This makes each piece unique.

Does it stain?
We seal the concrete surface making it water and stain resistant.

Can I cut on a concrete counter?
We don’t recommend it. It will dull your knives and possibly damage the sealer. We can form a place to inset a removable cutting board.

Will it burn?
It’s best not to place extremely hot pots on the surface as it may damage the sealer. Built in trivets are an option.

How do I clean & maintain it?
Any mild, non-abrasive cleaner works well. Waxing it with beeswax will provide extra protection to the surface, and give it a nice finish. Depending on how much work the counter receives, we recommend waxing it every 3-6 months.